Honda cl350 reproduction exhaust

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Honda cl350 reproduction exhaust

The Honda CL was a 4-stroke cc motorcycle built by Honda between and The CL designation indicated this model to be the "Scrambler" version which implied some off-road capability prior to actual dirt-bikes gaining popularity. The CL series of bikes were actually street bikes with a higher rear fender, a braced handlebar, and a high-mount exhaust. Max torque was Claimed horsepower was The engine was a air cooled twin, four-stroke. Fuel was supplied via a overhead cams ohc.

It came with a 3. Stopping was achieved via expanding brake drum brake. The front suspension was a oil damped telescopic fork while the rear was equipped with a pressurized gas damped swing arm. The CL was fitted with a 2. The bike weighed just The wheelbase was The gas tank was a two-tone. The upper forks were black in the early model and the basic color orange, red, or blue in later models.

The side covers and headlight shell were white. The seat was not pleated. The taillight lens was oval. The muffler shield was black. The transmission was a 5-speed. The serial number began CL A lower stripe was added to the gas tank. The seat was pleated.By subscribing you agree to our Privacy Policy. See Details. Shop Motorcycle Gear Shop All.

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honda cl350 reproduction exhaust

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honda cl350 reproduction exhaust

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See details. These exhausts will perfectly match the bikes original look and are with the removable baffle.

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When our name is on the packaging, this is your guarantee of excellence, not just of the overall appearance, that is the easy part, but also the internals and baffle arrangements are as good as they possibly can be - right up there with the very best specialist exhaust unit manufacturers.

As new NOS systems are unavailable, this system, with some of the best chrome plating we have ever seen by the way, offers an excellent opportunity to complete a perfect restoration of the Honda CBK7 model; the sort of restoration that, when combined with other vital SOHC K7 components available from us, gives the most desirable "fresh off the factory production line" appearance that is so important to owners and enthusiasts of this iconic SOHC K7 series Honda.

Perfect for both appearance and quality manufactured by an accredited OE supplier. Buy and fit with complete confidence.

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We are driving down the cost of restoration - driving up the quality and accessibility of replacement parts. Please check out our other K7 parts availability, from shocks to fenders, all to the very highest standards.

Accurate placement of fastening holes and brackets. Superb and lustrous chrome finish. Special offers Sitemap Products Map. Cart is empty.

Honda CL350: history, specs, pictures

Advanced search. Sign in Register Need help? This site requires JavaScript to function properly. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.These are replica's of the original type grips from the factory. Seat Setting Rubber "B".

This is one of the Rubber Settings Under the Seat. Replace those old worn Rubbers with a brand new one!


Replaces OEM Tail Light Assembly. OEM Ref Note: We sell these each, order the quantity you require. Air Screw Needle O-Ring. Note: sold each, order the quantity you require. It's Always good to replace these when installing a new front sprocket.

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Cam Chain T x 94 D. Clymer Service Manual. Clymer motorcycle repair manuals are written specifically for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. From basic maintenance to troubleshooting to complete overhaul, Clymer manuals provide the information you need.

Features color wiring diagrams.

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Turn Signal Pinch Bolt Set. This set is used to clamp the turn signal onto the stem. Some models originally had a 25mm long bolt but these will interchange. This set includes hardware for 2 turn signals. If you need enough for all 4 signals please purchase 2 sets.

Grease Fitting Nipple A. Replaces OEM Check your bike to see the quantity you require. High quality part CNC machined in the U. Body Length 26mm, Thread 21mm, Total Length 47mm.Make Honda.

Model CL. This is a beautiful early Honda CL hence the 68 style paint on tank. All original right down to the tires. Starts, runs and rides like new. The paint, seat, chrome, etc is in beautiful condition. A unique story behind this bike. I bought it from the original owner. It had been stored for about 20 years in his garage.

He was in the Peace Corps with a friend in Columbia. When their stint was over they wanted to do something exciting so they rode a bus to Panama and each bought a new CL His friend a blue one and he this red one.

They then proceeded to ride them 4, miles from Panama to Los Angeles. From there they had them shipped to Minnesota. This is why the speedometer is in kilometers. It also still has the Panama registration on the right headlight ear. It shows 17, kilometers which equates to 10, miles. New parts installed are. Plugspointscondenseroilbatteryboth tire tubesrebuilt petcock,carburetorsfuel linesetc.

Clear Mn. Just rode it again yesterday. It starts right up and idles great. Runs and shifts smoothly. No leaks. No smoke. Engine runs quiet.

honda cl350 reproduction exhaust

You will not be disappointed. The few minor flaws are the left headlight ear has some small dings, the headlight trim ring has a scuff on it and the tach is "jumpy" but getting better the more it's ridden. The small ding in the pics of the right side of the tank has since been removed by paintless dent repair and is now perfectly straight like the rest of the tank. With that said everything else on the bike is very straight gas tank, bars, headlight, exhaust, side covers, etc, etc.

And yes, the paint is original. Comes with the original owners manual and tool kit. I also have 4 black and white pictures of the bike taken in that I got from the original owner. I will assist in preparing the bike for shipping but all costs and scheduling is up to the buyer.

Attention Honda motorcycle collectors,here is a Honda CL Scrambler one owner bike with 4, actual miles! I have a Honda CL scrambler for sale. Very nice original bike. The bike was just gone thru and tuned up. Carbs cleaned and new gaskets,etc.So, we found these mufflers as clean replacements for the rust-prone factory originals.

honda cl350 reproduction exhaust

While not an exact reproduction of the scrambler mufflers, they look appropriate and fit very well once the brackets are configured see installation tips below. This is a much cheaper alternative to aftermarket scrambler pipes and will optimize engine performance and noise over open headers. While these slip-on mufflers are small enough to work on the CL bikes, they will also work as a low-profile option on the CB motorcycles.

Mufflers are sold in pairs. Installation Tips: Most factory CL exhaust systems are welded together and will require you to cut at least one of the mufflers off of its respective header pipe. How far back each header can be cut depends on the sub-model of your specific bike. For instance, the CL K0 headers remain straight further back on the bike than the later models s and s.

Your bike will require its own custom bracket. No two bikes are exactly the same, and where you cut the header pipe makes a significant difference in where your mufflers can mount and how your brackets will fit together.

MAC Honda CB 350 Twin 68-73 2-1 Chrome Exhaust System

Regardless of which bike you have, it is a good idea to replace the Copper Exhaust Gaskets while you have the system apart. Since these mufflers are universal parts, they will need somewhat custom brackets to fit your bike. Fortunately each muffler comes with a generic bracket that should allow you to derive a solution with no more than a hack saw and a power drill. See above pictures of one such solution on a Honda CL K4.

In this example, the top bracket mounts to the rearmost end of the mounting slot in the top muffler. This bracket received a hole to hang the lower bracket, a notch to clear the shock absorber, and a second hole to mount to the shock stud M The lower mount bolted to the lower muffler mounting slot near the center, extending upwards parallel to the shock absorber, ultimately connecting to the upper bracket with a M8 bolt, lock washer, and nut.

The whole process took a drill press, two drill bits, a hacksaw with a multi-purpose blade, a file, and roughly an hour of time.

Depending on the diameter of your shock absorbers you may want to trim down the mounting bracket on the lower muffler so they don't interfere. If you don't like the look of the brackets you can always drill a bunch of speed holes, paint them black, or fabricate your own super-cool brackets. Send us a photo if you do! We sell graphite pipe adapters that are an upgrade to the units included in the kit.


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